Growing up is hard. You are always getting older and it just makes it worse when your birthday gets ruined. It has happened to almost all of us - somebody forgot your birthday, they didn't show up to your party, you didn't get the presents you wanted, somebody used those stupid candles that you can't blow out...there are so many ways to ruin a birthday. What's your 'worst birthday ever' story?

Recently I went to a surprise party and it was very apparent that the birthday boy was having a bad day because we were all hiding and as he came up the stairs he said to his wife that he didn't want to do anything for his b-day so she better not plan anything...the we all said 'Surprise'! Awkward is a good word for that experience.

A few other good ones were a kid who used his birthday money to buy himself a dirt bike, which his dad ended up returning and keeping the money. Then a kid whose after-school surprise party was on September 11th, 2001 so no one showed up because everybody was at home crying and watching the news.

Share your stories below and hopefully we can learn together how to not ruin birthdays.

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