I guess the latest trend in business success is annoying customers.  I’m not a devoted Walmart shopper.  I do stop now and then because the hours are good for my schedule and it’s close to home.

What’s with all these suppliers thwarting Walmart?

The same can be said of WinCo, Costco, Target and Shopko.  I like the grocery shopping experience at WinCo.  Much choice, good produce and great prices, although.  There isn’t much cat food selection.  We’ve got a cat colony at work and I sometimes even feed them wet food because it keeps them close to the building and out of the road (they don’t wander as much when happy and full).  Walmart has a store brand of cat food in cans called Special Kitty.

Or, it did.  Not yesterday, but I was promised the truck would be in today or maybe not.  The shelf was still empty.  A young man nearby seemed annoyed when I asked about the pet food.  “I’m doing inventory!” he snapped.  I replied it didn’t look like there was much counting.  Then, another fellow I tracked down explained they weren’t unpacking out back due to inventory.  When I told him I would explain it to the hungry cats, he was silent.

Finally, I tracked down a manager.  She told me it’s because the third party supplier isn’t getting Special Kitty to the store.  Funny, I remember reading years ago where Walmart’s client partners all had adjusted their own businesses to the retailers demand.  Apparently, cat food isn’t included.  She told me the dry food I usually buy is also out of stock and blamed the same 3rd party supplier except I don’t buy Special Kitty dry for the cat colony.  I buy a Friskies product in a rainbow bag.  What’s with all these suppliers thwarting Walmart?  The same woman detailed there was Special Kitty in cases on a truck in Utah and it should arrive by Sunday.

The stories change between associates and even with the same associate.  Here at my desktop and in the comfort of home I can order cat food at Amazon and see a truck before Sunday.  Am I missing something?

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