I like Dollar Tree.  I don’t go there every day or even every week.  Months have passed since I last dropped in, however.  When I first came to Twin Falls it was almost a year before I had my things shipped.  I needed some basics when it came to dishes and pots and pans.  I’m still using some of the plates I bought at the store in early 2015.

The pans I found at thrift stores and while I’ve a new set for cooking I still use some of the second-hand pans I bought for boiling spaghetti and some baking.

Which is to say, I didn’t need to spend a fortune on items I would use for a year and then throw away or jam into oblivion in the back of a cupboard.

Dollar stores serve a good purpose for people like me.  I had to laugh while watching an Irish TV show a few years ago.  A new vicar buys some of the same things I needed for himself and his sister at the pound store (the show was made in the late 1990s!).The people who are smarter than the rest of us (they appointed themselves smarter) are trying to block construction of dollar stores in some communities.  The smarties claim it’s because the dummies are making poor food choices at dollar stores.

I think I’ve picked up groceries at dollar stores three times in the last 15 years.  Usually frozen burritos, which I eat possibly twice a year (these are very good with wing sauce and blue cheese dressing).  The smarties want to ensure the dummies buy the right foods but they haven’t yet come up with a substitution.  In other words, Smith’s, Fred Meyer and Whole Foods can’t be forced into many of these neighborhoods.  Or maybe the goal is coercion.  Force the stores to build and then force you to eat from the government menu.

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