West Texas Intermediate crude dropped below 100 dollars a barrel.  The lowest price per barrel since May.  This happened earlier this week.  You may ask if it’s a sign of things to come.  We see a couple of things here.  One is demand destruction, which means the high cost of gasoline is cooling demand and possibly easing tight supplies.  A larger reason, according to many analysts, is fear of a recession.

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A severe nosedive across the world economy could reverse the market and leave it with a glut of oil.  Recall the summer of 2008?  I was spending well in excess of four dollars a gallon for unleaded regular.  By Christmas, I was paying under a buck fifty.  Millions were also out of work and the future was very uncertain as we entered what came to be known as the Great Recession.

Let’s say prices drop a little and then stabilize.  What would you then consider a bargain at the pumps?  Four dollars a gallon?  Clearly, it’s better than five and a half dollars and the nearly six dollars a gallon I saw last week while traveling.  We may be conditioned for a much higher floor for a gallon of fuel.

If I’m selling you a product and I raise the price by two dollars for a prolonged period, then cut a dollar, you could believe you’re somehow catching a break.

It’s called conditioning.  The new normal!  The trade-off for really low prices may not be worthwhile.  My dad told me gas was eight gallons for a dollar during the Great Depression.  I was impressed until he told me nobody had any money.

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