Where’s the ceiling?  The price of Brent Crude, which determines much of the cost per gallon for gasoline could be heading for the sky.  I came across a story during show preparation and it sent shivers down my spine.  By late spring, a barrel of Brent Crude could be priced at 120 dollars!  Currently, it’s floating around the range between 80 and 90 dollars per barrel.  Five dollars a gallon of gasoline is certainly possible before the summer of 2022.  Six dollars a gallon is within the realm of possibility.

if you think the price of goods is high at the moment, factor in much higher transportation rates

Can You Afford the Commute?

I already know people making difficult choices as unleaded regular is nearly four dollars a gallon in some parts of Idaho.  They’re scrambling to find a job closer to home or even considering moving.  Also, if you think the price of goods is high at the moment, factor in much higher transportation rates.

Meanwhile, inflation is going to make matters worse immediately at the local grocery.  Check out this link.  We’re starting to resemble the early 30s when the economy, climate, and world affairs took a turn for the worse.

The Wrong People in Charge

The burning question asks, do we have the right people in the right jobs to address this?  Or do they continue favoring snails, grouse, and fish over their constituents?

Ronald Reagan famously framed the 1980 campaign for President with the following words:  “A recession is when your neighbor loses his job.  A depression is when you lose yours.  And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his!”

To paraphrase, recovery will take place when Schumer, Pelosi, and Biden lose their jobs.  In the meantime, grit your teeth.

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