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I paid Idaho money this year.  I hadn’t the previous 5 years, albeit.  In 2014 I only worked the final two days of the year in the state.  My returns were never much.  I have little and sometimes no withholdings.  Year-to-year I make adjustments.  I can’t say Idaho has a heavy tax-burden.  It’s actually among the lowest in America (number 8, according to one survey I saw this week).   

It wasn’t like I had to smash my piggy bank but I sent the state a check.

This year was different.  It wasn’t like I had to smash my piggy bank but I sent the state a check.  A friend at work told me today he and his wife had to write a larger check.  What’s going on here?

The same thing we saw last year.  When President Trump presided over a tax cut, there were rewrites necessary among some state tax codes.  Idaho’s code has been tweaked on a couple of instances.  We’re all likely still ahead every payday compared to where we were before the President’s actions.

By the way, WalletHub breaks down it’s methodology on how it concluded Idaho is in the top ten with the least burdensome rates.  You can read more by clicking this link.  I guess we aren’t talking property taxes, although.  Most of the state’s 44 counties don’t have a property tax crisis.  Your relatives in Ada County are faced with a property tax ache like few have seen before but in Lincoln, Franklin and Shoshone Counties they probably have no idea just how bad things could be.

I would say I’ve rarely met anyone who likes paying taxes.  Many years ago a member of my audience claimed he enjoyed shelling out his income for government but I think he was insisting he was more virtuous than conservatives.  I told him he could double the fun and pay mine too!  He didn’t laugh.

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