We now know the identities of those involved in a murder in Twin Falls county over the weekend. A police chase started early Sunday and ended near Hansen.  Later that morning, the car police had been chasing was reported to have been involved in an accident on 3500 E in Twin Falls County.  When Twin Falls County sheriff's deputies arrived, 31 year old Seanachan  Azure,  was found lying in the road in a pool of blood, and his brother 32 year old Damon Azure was sitting in the driver's seat of the Ford Taurus.

Damon Azure ignored police commands to turn off the vehicle and get out of the car.  Officers had to ram the car and use a stun gun to take him into custody.  A .44 Magnum handgun was found in the car. Prosecutors say Seanachan was dead and there were gunshot wounds to his forehead, mouth and torso. Damon has since been charged with first-degree murder and resisting and obstructing police. The investigation into the death and the series of incidents that led to it are still under investigation.