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American Men Have Lost Their Grip (Opinion)
American men can no longer come to grips with reality.  A new study reveals the force of a man’s grip on average has plummeted in the United States the last 30 years.  Men are now on par with soccer moms.  This morning I mentioned the writer David French has a theory a…
No, You Weren’t Born That Way (Opinion)
Within minutes after posting the video at the bottom of the page, I had a Twitter response from a LGBT rights group.  The two men behind the research I cited are downright despised by the activists in the sexual minority communities, however...
Do You Agree With This List?
My family and I love to travel so I was very interested in seeing what the top overrated tourist attractions are. After reading the list on Thrillist, I realized that I strongly disagree with many of the attractions on this list.
How Important Is Credit?
Most of us would rather talk about anything than credit scores. Not only because credit scores are boring, but there is nothing like putting an actual number on who you are. But how important really is your credit score?
All 50 States Ranked From Worst To Best
Great news! Idaho isn't the worst state to live in. It isn't even in the Top 20. Keep in mind this survey was conducted using extremely "important" reasons for being an awful state.
Best States For Working Dads
Juggling work and family life can be extremely tricky. It's hard to detach yourself from work, and it's impossible to be in two places at once.

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