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Do You Agree With This List?
My family and I love to travel so I was very interested in seeing what the top overrated tourist attractions are. After reading the list on Thrillist, I realized that I strongly disagree with many of the attractions on this list.
How Important Is Credit?
Most of us would rather talk about anything than credit scores. Not only because credit scores are boring, but there is nothing like putting an actual number on who you are. But how important really is your credit score?
All 50 States Ranked From Worst To Best
Great news! Idaho isn't the worst state to live in. It isn't even in the Top 20. Keep in mind this survey was conducted using extremely "important" reasons for being an awful state.
Best States For Working Dads
Juggling work and family life can be extremely tricky. It's hard to detach yourself from work, and it's impossible to be in two places at once.
Is This True?
People that live in bigger metro areas consider a good vacation going somewhere that is slightly remote or less populated than where they call home. This explains why areas like Redfish, McCall and Sun Valley have so many tourists and vacation rentals. For these reasons, I think the following s…
Here Are The 5 Most Recent UFO Sightings In Twin Falls
The weirdness in Twin Falls is not limited to what us Idahoans do on the ground. If you look up very often - not recommended, by the way - you have probably seen some strange things. Some people take the time to report those things they can't identify. Here are the 5 most recent UFO sightings a…
Is Twin Falls One Of The Laziest Cities In The US?
This is no surprise to me. Twin Falls is not on the list of the laziest cities. Makes sense to me. Last time I checked farming was hard work! In case you want to be surrounded by lazy people here is a list of places, according to, you could consider moving to.
8% Of Americans Shower Once A Week
I was under the assumption that everyone showered once a day. Apparently, I was wrong. According to Yahoo, 8% of Americans shower once a week. Yup, once a week!
What Do Twin Falls Residences Desire More Of?
There are plenty of hard working people in Twin Falls! We are all working towards a goal, even if that goal is as simple as providing food to our families on a daily basis. But, what do we desire to have that would improve our lives.

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