Magic Valley Summer Camps
If your kids aren't out of school yet, they will be soon. Like most mothers, I am excited to spend time with my kids this summer but, I am also worried they will get bored! Summer camps are a must for my kids.
Summer Camps in The Twin Falls Area
The kids are almost out of school! Luckily, there are LOTS of summer camps and activities for children of all ages in the Magic Valley to keep your kids busy.
Sawtooth Forest Ready for Holiday Campers
Twin Falls- The Sawtooth National Forest is ready to take visitors for this Memorial Day Weekend. Most of the forests campsites will be open, however, in some places you can expect some road closures due to snowpack. Sawtooth spokesperson Julie Thomas says people need to be prepared to pack water in…
Hunt Internment Camp To Get Federal Grant
National Park Service grants will help preserve two Idaho sites that remind us of a difficult time in our nation's history.  Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar has announced two grants totaling more than $300,000 for preservation and interpretive projects at World War II-era Japanese-Americ…
State Honors Japanese Americans
Monday was a Day of Remembrance for those interned and those Japanese-Americans who fought in WWII, even while some of their families were interned. Men, women, and children, mostly U.S. citizens not guilty of any crime, were held in internment camps for more than three years.
Aquifer Recharge Running Behind
The Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer that supplies underground water to a large portion of southern Idaho continues to be depleted but measures being taken to reverse the trend seem to be few and far between.