And the Worst Intersection in Twin Falls Is…?
As Twin Falls has grown over the last several years, getting around town is a little more challenging that it used to be. Here's our unofficial list of the the top 5 worst intersections in Twin Falls.
Police to Crack Down on Aggressive Drivers
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho law enforcement is getting ready to crack down on aggressive motorists. The Idaho Transportation Department is teaming up with 49 police agencies across the state on a two-week push aimed at drivers who are speeding, following too close, ignoring traffic signals and o…
Twin Falls DMV Closed Monday Morning
If you need to get your driver’s license renewed and you live in Twin Falls, you'll have to wait until after 1:00 this afternoon. That's because the Twin Falls DMV will be closed today from eight until one in order to perform upgrades on the driver’s license…
Top Story Podcast 4/5/11
Top Story Podcast 4/5/11: First hour - State Subsidized Drivers Ed., Jared Webster, Steve Millington. Second hour - Koran burning.
Rev. Terry Jones burned a Koran which incited riots in Afghanistan. Now he says he will put Mohammed on trial