I’ll never forget last year around this time, I had to drive a rental car for about a week here in Boise... and it just so happened to have California license plates. Never was there ever another time in my life where I wanted so badly to communicate to the other drivers around me that I’m actually from Idaho!

“I’m from Idaho, I swear!” But how were they to know? I had a CA license plate. There was nothing I could do.


There was one thing I could have done haha! I could have put a note on the back of the vehicle like this Californian did who was apparently just visiting Idaho.

Credit Reddit user paraoblize
Credit Reddit user paraoblize

This California driver has a note on their back windshield that says, "Visiting grand babies. Don't worry — I'm not staying but I love Idaho."

Initially, this is kind of a sweet and funny note! But when you really think about it, it's kinda sad that it's come to this... I'm sure there are a lot of really nice drivers on the roads who are treated poorly just because of their license plates. Does this happen anywhere else? Or is it just Idaho, and just with California drivers?

After having that California rental car for a week, I can attest this is totally a thing here in Idaho and it's crazy.

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