Maybe you've seen this picture meme on your Facebook feed already. It is a cute list of 10 things to do for your wife every year. It is supposed to inspire men to be better, more helpful and loving husbands.

You know what the list did at my house? It made my wife laugh. She laughed at almost every single one of those suggestions.

She laughed at the thought of a trip away from the kids and she really got a kick out of the first date suggestion because that was in the back yard of a crazy old lady she was renting from!

Give her a weekend away - she laughed at the thought of worrying the whole time about what bad things I was teaching the kids. Getting dressed up and going on a date in theory sounds great...until you realize that my wife hates getting dressed up! The first thing that happens every Sunday after church is the removing of the fancy dress to wear something comfortable.

Now, I think that celebrations are great and we love parties, but making a big deal out of her birthday goes against everything I've learned with women. You don't want to make a big deal of the fact that they are getting older!

Some of the things on the list are very doable. In fact, they are things that every husband should be doing or helping with more than once a year.

What I really learn from that list (but mostly from the mocking laughs of my wife while reading it) was that if you as a husband just try to do more thoughtful things, you'll be a better husband and have a happier wife.