I would like to consider myself an Idahoan but I know many people would still consider me an outsider. I came here from Nevada but Idaho is my home and in my heart. However, I won't say that when I moved here there wasn't some serious culture shock. Not bad things just different, things to get used to.

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  • 1

    Places close here

    Places close on Sunday, places close at 7 pm, places close on Monday, places close at 10 pm. Almost nothing is 24 hours here which was really hard for me to get used to.

  • 2

    Last Call

    This is probably just because I grew up in Vegas, but last call at 1 am is weird to me. Bars closing in general is weird to me. In Vegas the party is just getting started at 1 am, which is another reason I was happy to leave. It gets too crazy.

  • 3

    Everyone conceal carries

    As long as you are over the age of 18 you are allowed to conceal carry a weapon in Idaho. This isn't a bad thing. I am not saying that. It was just different and strange to get used to.

  • 4

    Complete strangers wave and say hi

    My neighbors also brought me cookies to welcome me to the neighborhood. I legitimately thought that was something that only happened in the movies. If you talk to a stranger in Nevada they think you want something from them.

  • 5

    Slower pace of traffic

    Nobody is in a rush here it seems. People drive much slower, the speed limits are much slower here too. Except on the interstate. 80 is fantastic. I really had to reign in some of my road rage when I moved here and get used to going the speed limits.

  • 6

    The weather changes

    You can have all 4 seasons in one day here in Idaho. It was really hard for me to get used to when I first moved here.

  • 7

    Name pronunciations

    I had to get used to saying Shoshone correctly. I have always said it like Show-shon-ee not Show shown. Same with Boise. I had to learn that there is no "z" real fast.

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