It is fun to play around with stereotypes and I think we should be able to laugh at ourselves. I have been almost every single one of these "types" of Idahoan before and I think it is fun to admit that. Which one do you fall under the most?

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  • 1

    The "Redneck"

    You know who I'm talking about, the people who thrive in the country, have piles and piles of guns on their acres and acres of land, prefer Coors or Milwaukee's Best, can't stand crowds and, by the way, did we mention all the guns?

  • 2

    The "Invisible One"

    This person wears camouflage on every occasion. They will wear it hunting of course, but they will wear camo to the grocery store, a wedding, shoot they may even have camo furniture.

  • 3

    "I'm Your Huckleberry"

    Oh I am so guilty of this one. Whatever it is, if it is huckleberry flavor, scented or shaped, we need it in our lives. Lotions, ice cream, Chapstick, chocolate, whatever.

  • 4

    The "Tourist"

    The person who has completely fallen in love with Twin Falls but hasn't gotten accustomed to our life style just yet. They appreciate the outdoors and the beauty but need some time to adjust. And that is fine by us.

  • 5

    The "Carnivore"

    You know, the person who will eat whatever kind of meat you put on the table, especially if they are the one that shot it or butchered it. The person who will hunt bear, turkey, goat, squirrel, snake, whatever, and eat it because that's what you do, you eat what you hunt.

  • 6

    The "Road Rager"

    The person who causes all the road rage. They stop too early, they don't pay attention to the road, they swerve, they don't use a blinker, LEFT LANERS, yes, they are the ones that cause so much frustration on the roads.

  • 7

    The "Know It All"

    The person who has been here so long they literally know everything about the town. They know when Walmart opened, when there were only trees and fields across Pole Line, Dierkes wasn't packed all the time. These people have seen it all and know it all and love to reminisce about the past.

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