I’ve had but one conversation with Jim Risch.  The U.S. Senator from Idaho did some Election Night analysis for me in 2016.  It was very good and he appeared quite confident about Donald Trump’s prospects.

Last week I wrote to him as a constituent and shared concerns about the southern border.  In a matter of days came a reply.  I’m very pleased with his response.  As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and a member of the Intelligence Committee, he’s got a lot more available about the crisis than the next guy on the street.  I’ve posted a picture of the letter and let me mention something else.

Some of my callers criticize our two Senators.  Now, I’ve done the same but never over personal issues.  They generally score among the five most conservative members in both Senate and House.  I’ve got no gripe on those results!

Risch’s position is also identical to former Representative Raul Labrador.  Many of my callers love the latter.  I heard Labrador speak at the Twin Falls American Legion and it sounded just like the Risch letter.

By the way, Mike Simpson's office sent an email response.  It essentially said nothing:

"Like all Americans, I was extremely frustrated in Congress' inability to avert a government shutdown.  We are a diverse nation with many different viewpoints, but all Americans expect their government to continue functioning, day in and day out.  

My message has remained consistent throughout this crisis -- when we come together and put partisan disputes aside, we can begin to govern in a way that will make the American people proud. I remain committed to finding a long-term solution for funding for the rest of the fiscal year and securing our borders.  As you may be aware, it is already time to start work on the fiscal year 2020 appropriations process, and Congress has many other pressing challenges to address.  

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact me about this issue."

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