It’s not like Andy Taylor delivering some hot chicken soup across town to help out an older neighbor suffering from a cold!

The caller explained the friend was somewhere south of Phoenix.  Apparently he doesn’t have GPS.

In one of those moments where your eyes roll, Gooding County Sheriff’s Deputies received a call for assistance in locating a missing person. The caller explained a friend is crossing the border from Mexico and now appears lost in Arizona.  Deputies continue working on pressing matters in Gooding County.

The caller explained the friend was somewhere south of Phoenix.  Apparently he doesn’t have GPS.

While we may find the story funny (I burst out laughing when I first read it on Facebook) it’s also an example of how many people don’t fully grasp the role of law enforcement in daily life.

I’m reminded of a story I read a year ago.  A woman at a fast food joint back east wasn’t pleased with her order.  So, she called 9-1-1.  A lack of ketchup isn’t really an emergency.  These people live among us and in some cases they vote.  I also laughed at that story but realized when you tie up an emergency operator someone else with a much more pressing need could be impacted.  Sometimes it could be a matter of life and death.

Better and more widespread civics education could be of help.  You can start with levels of government and then the roles played by government offices and departments.  Done the right way, most people would leave grade school with a better ability to navigate daily life.

As for the Gooding County caller, a candidate for President once said they aren’t sending us their best.

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