He’s considered among America’s greatest heroes.  He led the Allies to victory in the European Theater of Operations in World War Two.  He came home and served two terms as President.  He was a small town boy.  Born in Texas and raised in Kansas.  Originally named David Dwight Eisenhower, he flipped the first two names out of preference.

You may not want to load it up with as much alcohol as the General preferred.

In the television movie, Backstairs at the White House, he’s portrayed as a gourmet cook.  He enjoyed cooking for the cleaning and maintenance staff while he was President.  He had learned to cook as a boy on the prairie.  Then as he was transferred to bases all around the country and world, he often found it was easier to prepare his own meals.

He liked sipping Coca-Cola and Chivas in his relaxed moments.  He chain smoked unfiltered cigarettes.  He was once asked what he would want if someone took away his bottle of Coke.  “Another bottle of Coke,” he replied.

He also had a serious set of taste buds when it came to eggnog and he liked to make it from scratch.  His recipe has been posted at this link.  You may not want to load it up with as much alcohol as the General preferred.  I should think a couple of glasses could make you somewhat tipsy.  He used bourbon, although.  He suggested you could also use rum or brandy.

Or you could skip the booze altogether and simply get the massive sugar high.  His recipe isn’t exactly on any nutritionists list.  “Ike” died a few months shy of his 79th birthday.  Despite booze, sugar and cigarettes.  If he had lived a cleaner life, who knows, maybe he would’ve reached 80 or 81.

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