Do you realize how rare canned Friskies have become?  Before COVID arrived, you could buy boxes with up to 40 cans.  You can get pate, bits or fillets.  Why is this an issue?  I’ve got a cat who doesn’t care for much other than Friskies.  He doesn’t like pate, bits, or flaked.  He wants shreds.  I’ve tried alternatives and when he turns up his nose, I end up feeding the other brands and cuts to the barn cats at work.  Which is pricey for strays and a couple who are feral.

Canned Food Comes Mainly From Across the Sea

Canned cat food mostly comes out of Asia.  There are fleets in the Pacific where people have been enslaved to work on the boats.  As their stories became better known, they forced some positive and humane changes for the industry.    So with the arrival of the pandemic, it really curtailed the supply chain.

In the first few months, the cat food shelves at Walmart were suddenly bare.  The store’s own brand went AWOL.  When Special Kitty returned, the labels and the cut of the meat were different.

Walmart is huge and has found a new supplier, but even the largest retailers can often be short Friskies.

Cats Don't Follow Instructions

“You’ll eat it, and you’ll like it,” may work with kids.  Not so much with cats.  I realize this is a first-world problem, but it’s very annoying to have a cat following you around and whining because he didn’t get what he expected.

When I saw Friskies Sunday at WinCo, I was quick to grab a box and should’ve gone for two.

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