I had called Twin Falls home for less than one week.  It was January of 2015 and I was grocery shopping.  I walked up to a deli counter and asked for capocollo (also capicola) and the woman behind the counter explained she had no idea what I just tried to order.  Look, I’m not knocking local tastes.  You can’t find good Basque meats east of the Rocky Mountains.  Portuguese sausage in this part of the country puts to shame the weak imitation on the East Coast. 

Italian meats.  Basque meats.  Portuguese meats and more.  Cheeses from around the world.  Some kosher!

Then one day a sandwich chain opened near my neighborhood and I could get capicola on a sandwich.  Little did I know there was a local grocery store all along selling it sliced and packaged?  Grocery Outlet on Addison Avenue.  For years it was located next to Kmart.  The department store was a ghost town.  When D&B Supply readied to move into the old Kmart store, I stopped and snapped some pictures of construction.

Then I decided to wander into Grocery Outlet.  Where you can get a really big box of blueberry Cheerios for under two dollars.  I now buy cat food there.  Blue Buffalo is my kitty’s brand and I cut the price from a pet store by roughly 15 dollars.

In the back of the store is the most eclectic meat selection in Twin Falls.  Italian meats.  Basque meats.  Portuguese meats and more.  Cheeses from around the world.  Some kosher!

Oh, and a few weeks ago I found a jar of Greek red pepper relish, which atop some Basque sausage is a culinary marriage.

One of the guys at work likes the place because he says it has a big selection of wine.  I’m not much for wine but he’s right about the size of the wine department.

Not long after making the discovery about the store I was on vacation in Oregon.  Grocery Outlet is everywhere across the state line and recently opened in Hailey.  My mouth is watering as I think of the capicola/capocollo.

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