I was in the middle of a radio show when I looked at the TV screen in the studio and was shocked by a picture.  A pound of green beans is pictured for three dollars.  It was like an epiphany.  Most living Americans have never really known the meaning of deprivation.  Now we could be headed for the worst times since the period of the Great Depression and World War Two.  Are we ready?

A Rough Ride Ahead

We’ve had a foretaste when it comes to shortages.  It began with toilet paper going missing two years ago.  Now it’s baby formula.  This summer I’ve seen predictions we’ll see wide swaths of grocery shelves empty.  What will remain will be costly/

On Wednesday I dropped by a store for a few items.  I didn't need a grocery cart and still paid almost 30 dollars for the trip.  I’m single.  I easily spend more than 100 dollars a week on groceries and household items.  I don’t know how a family of five is juggling inflation.

The Grocery Tax Must Go

Idaho has a grocery tax.  Only half a dozen states tax food.  I’ve heard arguments that it’s more equitable.  The people making that claim are clearly comfortable and believe everyone else has made their own bed and should now wallow in misery.  Life isn’t that simple.  You need an empathy transplant if you can’t see how we’re taxing the poor and making them poorer.

A Republican legislator told me a few weeks ago that we at least have a grocery tax rebate and that most people get a lot of the money returned.  Raising the question, then why bother with a grocery tax in the first place?  You either find another source of revenue or, better yet, stop the growth of government.

Opportunities to repeal the tax have failed because members of the old codgers’ network didn’t like the personalities proposing an end to the tax.  Just remember, those grouchy old men won’t be going hungry.  They enjoy all the perks of modern life.  The earliest we can see this tax go away is about this time next year.  It’s quite clear there are people serving in public office and they don’t represent the people.

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