This breathtaking video-cover of "Welcome Home" performed by 92 Keys, naturally features a piano in the Snake River.

How in the heck did they get a piano in the Snake River?

Yes, I said they put a piano in the river. Or maybe I should say on the river? Try both. When I watched this, I couldn't tell what I was enjoying more, the music or the view. And while I was taking it all in, I found myself slightly distracted, wondering "How in the heck did they get a piano in the Snake River?"

Trevor Loucks, one of the founding members of 92 Keys explains:

[we] figured out that we could load the piano up on a pontoon boat and transport it to Pillar Falls which is a few miles downstream from Shoshone Falls. - Trevor Loucks via Youtube

However they did it, I'm glad they did. This video showcases enviable talent and spectacular views that you'll only find in Southern Idaho.

You can learn more about 92 Keys, and see what other things they have in store for us on their website.


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