Apparently Canadian geese are not afraid of grizzly bears. These grizzly bear cubs, the cubs of possibly the most famous grizzly mom ever 399, are caught having a grand ole time playing in the water with each other and some geese.

Mimi Payne took these photos from a safe distance with a great camera and lens. She really caught the playful nature of these adorable yet deadly creatures. Even mama bear 399 got in on the action. A few moments it looks like these bear cubs are actually splashing at each other. Honestly it is absolutely stunning.


399 and cubs

For those who don't know about grizzly mama 399 is older than more than 85 percent of grizzlies and has had 16 cubs and is one of the, if not the oldest, new grizzly mother. She has 4 cubs she is toting around and keeping safe. She has to be one of the most amazing mothers on the planet.

399 actually has fan pages, social media pages dedicated to her, a children's book written about her, she is more famous than Aaron Paul if you really think about it. Anyway, it is pretty amazing to see that the Canadian geese are just swimming about, leaving the cubs alone and the cubs don't seem interested in them at all. They just want to play.

I love seeing photography like this. Mimi Payne shares a lot of amazing photos of wildlife if you want to see some phenomenal shots of things you may never see for yourself.

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