I just came across this video of two bison having an epic battle in an occupied Yellowstone campground. The video was posted a decade ago, but it is still worth a viewing (from the safety of your computer) today. Really, most videos from Yellowstone could be viewed anytime and still be cool.

Bison Battle In Yellowstone Campsite

This video is maybe extra crazy to me because I was in Yellowstone a few years ago camping in a tent. After the many videos we've seen recently of animals in Yellowstone, there's no way I would tent camp there again. In this video you can see how close the combat bison are to at least one of the tents. Could you imagine if someone were in that tent during this fight?

The video is interesting for so many reasons, but as I watched it I was waiting for that third bison to jump in on the fight. He seems to want in on the battle and is definitely curious and following the other two around. Or, since I'm no pro at telling the gender of bison, maybe that was the female and the other two were battling over her?

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Bison Fights Are Normal In Yellowstone

Since these kids of battles are so common in Yellowstone, why would someone want to camp in a tent knowing this is a possibility? Well, like I said before that I had tent camped in Yellowstone and it came down to money and timing. When we planned to go, most lodging was full and tent camping was cheaper and our only real option. Other people are just as crazy as these bison and tent camp there just for the fun of it.

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