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Again, moose are not your friends.  They may be furry, but they’re not warm and comfortable.

They’re relatively shy creatures but when provoked it’s like dealing with an angry midsize pickup truck.  Some wise guys in Montana learned the hard way.  A video posted on Instagram suggests alcohol may have been involved.  The men may have been tourists and not native to Montana (let’s hope they aren’t members of our local idiot's lodge).  Moose used to be relatively rare in the area where the encounter took place, but the population is growing.

I’ve only seen five moose in my lifetime.  Two up close.  One was drinking from a stream.  Another was ambling across the road.  A third was standing on a bluff and as I approached, he turned and darted into a forest.  I had safety in all three cases of being in a car or a Jeep.

Years went by and then I saw two moose in Ketchum last month.  I was at a safe distance.  On a bridge, while they were down along a riverbank and several hundred feet away.  They paid no attention as I snapped some pictures.  Getting stomped is not the lottery I would like to win.  My preference when my number comes up is to go while in my sleep.

You do realize if the fellows in the video had been trampled there would be people saying the result would benefit the gene pool.  That may be harsh and as long as we have access to alcohol on this planet, there will be more videos of morons getting themselves in trouble.

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