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Beth Dutton is more of a pinot noir drinker.  Everyone else on the ranch I’m guessing drink beer.  More specifically, Coors.  After all, it’s synonymous with the mountain west.  However, Sheriff Longmire drank Rainier, which still has a following in the region.  It’s jokingly pronounced Ron-yay in some quarters.

Actor Cole Hauser, who portrays Rip Wheeler on Yellowstone, is the latest spokesman for Coors.  You can read more at Outkick by clicking here.  It’s a subtle dig at Bud Light’s ongoing marketing issues involving transgender Dylan Mulvaney.

If you’re a regular Yellowstone viewer, you know the Wheeler character is the definition of macho.  I haven’t seen the culture war this hot in probably 25 years.  Liberal newspaper columnists have long claimed the battle was over and that conservatives had lost.  The obituary was premature.

I’ve never drunk a Bud Light.  I’m not familiar with Coors.  Growing up back east, Coors was never a thing when I was a younger man.  It was unavailable.  It had somewhat of an exotic image for a beer that’s primary flavor is called.  These historic brands predate the craft revolution and share a common pedigree—light color and bland.

The Outkick story mentions Yuengling is also attempting to capture market share from Budweiser.  The challenge is a bit more difficult because Yuengling remains a regional beer and is unavailable west of the Mississippi River.  Yuengling is a popular beer in the Mid-Atlantic region, primarily because it’s inexpensive and has a low alcohol content.  That means guys watching football can drink more than one without getting stupid.

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