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House Beautiful issued a list of 40 towns and cities the writers believe you would enjoy visiting in winter.  One is a small town where I used to live and I was surprised because I’ve actually visited another dozen.  Even one place is listed in Idaho.  Did the Chamber of Commerce in that city offer a bribe?  Because if I was compiling a list of the best winter towns only in Idaho, it wouldn’t be near the top of my list.

I remember shopping for a smartphone several years ago and the salesman told me he had relocated to Twin Falls from the city named by the magazine as the place to see.  When I asked him why he explained he didn’t want to raise his kids on gang-infested streets.  Yes, yes, yes!  That’s the type of place on my must-visit list.

He was talking about Nampa.  I gathered that he believed if you were going to give the state an enema, it’s the starting point.  While Coeur d’Alene and Ketchum get disproportionate attention from outside media, both would be on my list for winter sightseeing.  Idaho Falls is lovely in winter.  I’ve walked the park along the river and visited the museum cited by one of my coworkers.

Rupert must also be considered.  The German Christmas village is about as picturesque as it can get.  It also won’t cost you a fortune, though.  If bargain basement was the objective in the first place, then I guess we could understand the selection of Nampa.  Oh, and get your tetanus shot before you go!

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