Idaho’s favorite author was a bearded guy and around 60 years old when his life ended.  Assuming I’m probably the second favorite and bearded and almost 61, should I be worried?

Here’s a question, did people choose Ernest Hemingway because he’s buried here, or did they read his books?  Or is his grave in Ketchum simply a neat place to have a snort and then leave the rest of the bottle for his spirit?  A few months ago, a former war correspondent was a guest on my show.  She was visiting a friend in Twin Falls.  When the program ended, they headed for the grave and a planned toast.  Hemingway also served as a war correspondent in World War Two.

The author was also an avid big-game hunter and fisherman.  He came to Idaho late in life and partook in both.  Hemingway was an acquaintance of Fidel Castro but a strong anti-communist.  For many years the writer lived in Key West.  He remains Florida’s favorite author.

I wonder how his brash patriotism would’ve contrasted with the current limousine liberal crowd that occupies Ketchum and much of Blaine County.

I read Hemingway when I was young.  The complete works.  He wasn’t politically correct or woke as it’s now called.  He was a tough guy.  Not like the Cabernet sippers now passing themselves off as men in Ketchum and Hailey.  Cabernet wasn’t exactly the writer’s drink of choice.  He brawled his way across several continents and never apologized for his behavior.  In other words, he was a talented guy but never prissy.

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