Two Magic Valley men are working toward a goal of a new bridge across Salmon Falls Creek near Salman Dam reservoir.  According to the Times News, Byrd Golay and Jack Oyler  have talked to   the governor, the Twin Falls County commissioners, Rep. Steve Hartgen and lots of other people about their project.  Both men say the current bridge across the creek, the top of the dam at the northern end of the reservoir, has served as the only crossing in the area for a hundred years.  They say it’s crumbling and the design of the bridge won’t allow for large trucks to cross.  They also say the construction of the China Mountain Wind Farm project in that area could mean many more vehicles crossing over the dam every day.  They say it’s time to build a new bridge.  They have some ideas in mind but it would require the help of several entities including the Twin Falls County Highway District.  Byrd Golay has even purchased the land where the bridge could be built which would mean bypassing a lot of red tape.  Estimates for a new bridge over Salman Falls Creek have ranged from $6-million to $16-million dollars, depending on who they talk to.  Both men say they will keep pushing the idea until a new bridge is built.

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