If Valentine’s Day just wasn’t your thing this year due to a recent breakup, here’s one anti-ex antidote: donate your ex’s stuff to a thrift store or homeless shelter.Besides clearing out your closet, getting rid of your ex’s belongings can help clear your head.

This very thing is what Goodwill stores in Las Vegas and Sarasota, Fla., recently promoted. It was a pre-Valentine’s Day “don’t hate, donate” campaign by the Goodwill Manasota Foundation. Its vice president, Veronica Brandon Miller, said that while breakups are never easy the store was having a little fun with the romantic-themed holiday. She said in an Associated Press article last Friday that Valentine’s Day is a good time to start fresh.

If you celebrated Singles Day this past weekend instead of Valentine’s, you may want to get back at your ex by donating his or her belongings to a good cause.

What do you think – is donating your ex’s belongings something you’d consider doing here in south-central Idaho? What are the chances of your ex finding out? What would he or she do if they did?

We don’t want you to get you in trouble, of course, and you want to be sure the breakup is real and not temporary before you consider donating. But if this is something you’d consider doing there are several places to donate locally, including these shelters and thrift stores:

Shelters and Recovery Homes (Call first to find out more about how to donate)

  • Jubilee House – Twin Falls, 736-2566
  • Valley House – Twin Falls, 734-7736
  • Volunteers Against Violence – Twin Falls, 733-5054

Thrift Stores

  • Deseret Industries – Twin Falls, 734-9412; Burley, 678-7855
  • Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store – Twin Falls, 734-3075; Albion, 678-9294
  • Mustard Seed – Twin Falls, 733-9515

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