Last night, I was scrolling through Pinterest and I ran across a blog that asked..."are you a weekend parent"? I thought what...a weekend parent? Are they referring to Parents Weekend on college campuses?

As I read the blog, I discovered the writer was criticizing parents that were so busy on the weekdays the only time they were actually a parent was on the weekends.

I was pretty upset at first because I think parenting can be done in a lot of different ways and who are we to tell someone what the "correct" way is? I became less angry when the writer explained she wasn't talking about all working parents. She was referring to parents that are only around their children long enough to drop them off somewhere else.

I have to admit I've known a few parents that are so busy with work, community groups, sports groups, exercise classes, office teams, art councils, etc. that they barely see their kids during the week. Some kids may want to be kept this busy but I don't think kids, especially little kids, like being away from their parents. But again, what do I know?

In your opinion, do you think weekend parents exist? If so, do you think their kids are suffering because of this?

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