I have a feeling this is going to be something everyone will want as we get further into the flu season and as the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow and everyone is feeling crummy. I've personally felt sick a few times during this pandemic and wondered if I had allergies, a cold, a bad day, or COVID-19 but I have never been tested. Idaho residents can now get a free COVID-19 at-home test kit from Albertsons thanks to a partnership between them and Phosphorus Diagnostics and a grant from the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy.

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Idaho residents who feel they may be sick can request a kit online. Idaho residents who feel healthy and show no sign of sickness can also request a free kit online. There are no symptoms requirements to request a test. Normally the at-home test kits are $139.99 on the Albertsons pharmacy website. KTVB reported that the tests are free to Idahoans thanks to a $357,000 grant from the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy.

Even though we have an Albertsons store here in Twin Falls, you should still order your free kit online. When you order a test kit from the Albertsons website you will be asked to answer a few questions. You will have the option to either pick up the test kit at a store pharmacy or have it shipped directly to your home. The at-home tests are saliva based and return results within 72 hours. When available, your results will be delivered by email or by text message.

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