So the idea of a bachelor party is to like, "complete the sewing of your wild oats" or something like that, right? My best man and another groomsman are planning mine and they apparently have a "surprise" in store...

Call me boring- or whatever else you want, but I've asked my best man not to get me a stripper. Will he oblige? That, I don't know. I also said I don't want to get that drunk. See, here's the thing. I'm not 21 anymore, ya know? I'm 33, I've been there, done that and my bachelor party will be the night before the wedding rehearsal. I'm thinking I'd like something a little more low key? Maybe some good dinner, some drinks and some good chill time with the boys.

I have some friends though, who are also getting married this year who say are going to rage for their bachelor/bachelorette parties. They've essentially made a deal where as long as they don't actually go all the way with anyone else, they're in the clear. So kissing and the rest is okay. WHAT. This blows my insecure mind just thinking about it!

Maybe I need to relax on my opinions on the subject. So, what are your do's and don't for these types of parties. Is this your last chance to sew your wild oats and you should be free to get as wild as you can?

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