We had a few people ask us if we know whether or not there will be alcohol sold inside Albertson's Stadium during the Garth Brooks concerts. So we decided to find out for sure.

According to the Box Office at Albertson's Stadium, beer and wine will be sold during both Garth Brooks concerts on July 19th and 20th inside the stadium. We always knew that there was going to be alcohol sold at Trisha Yearwood's tailgate party, but now we know it will be sold inside the venue as well.

I had heard at some stadium concerts that Garth performed at, it was a completely dry performance, except for tailgating prior to the show. I don't know about you but beer and wine would not have been a deal breaker for me to go see the show.

Does the sale of beer and wine matter to you at concerts like this? Let us know in the poll below.

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