To call last summer dry was an understatement.  Many parts of Idaho went more than 80 days without rain.  As winter got underway there was talk of pending drought.  My, how times have changed.

The valleys have been wet and the hills and mountains are buried in snow.  Over the weekend I drove to Blaine County for lunch at a favorite restaurant.

The runoff this spring is going to be very, very impressive.

I spent time in both Bellevue and Hailey.  Some of the heaviest snow has compacted a bit and there has been some thawing.

The depth around some homes and businesses is awesome. I posted pictures you can view HERE of not only my visit but also of my approach. North of Shoshone the pack becomes visible and gradually deeper.  The runoff this spring is going to be very, very impressive.  I suppose another fear is the potential for some serious flooding along the Wood River Valley.

A gradual warming trend would be nice but one weather forecast is calling for temperatures across much of the region in the 50s and 60s in just another week.

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