When the ski resorts close, you know things are bad.  Pomerelle Mountain posted the above photo and announcement late morning on the 5th.  Whiteout conditions and heavy snow-clogged roads and forced the decision.  There were also numerous accidents on neighboring Interstate 84 caused by blowing and drifting snow.  The eastbound lanes were closed at mile marker 201.  This follows the closing of the same Interstate early Monday and westbound out of Mountain Home.  That involved a 63-vehicle accident.

There has been plenty of snow in the mountains and the reservoirs were doing very well by mid-February, however.  Outside one nasty week in January, the winter in the valleys has been mild.  Weather in Boise was very much like spring, then on one day in March, more fell in one day than all of February.

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Temperatures should warm as we approach the weekend, with highs early next week in the low to mid-50s.  But don’t get used to it, we’ve already had two false springs last month and plenty more setbacks are likely ahead.  While the Northeast opened this week with temperatures resembling early summer (Buffalo, New York reached the low-70s), here in the Mountain West, we’ve got a long road ahead.

Pomerelle is no stranger to some wicked winters.  A few years ago the resort posted a video where a fully grown moose was struggling to get through snow up to its neck.  Just remember, the big beast could outrun you on dry ground and have an even better advantage in snow.

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