HAILEY, Idaho (KLIX)-Limited recycling has resumed in the Wood River Valley allowing residents to refrain from throwing some paper products away.

The Blaine County Commissioners announced a restart to the program that will take in paper recycling in the valley. Items citizens can recycle include newspaper and printer/copier paper only because of a requirement that the material be free from contaminants.

The recycling process requires the materials be of highest purity and by only accepting newspaper and printer paper insures that it will be accepted. The commissioner said curbside pickup will continue, but residents will need to follow the new guidelines; if newspaper and printer paper is mixed with other materials it will not be picked up for recycling.

Blaine County suspended recycling in May of last year after vendors stopped accepting recyclable goods because of changes in the market. That resulted in the buildup of paper at a storage center and the materials were then treated as trash and thrown away. The county says it will continue to look for other opportunities for recycling material.

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