Evidence suggests attending a ballgame in a packed stadium won’t cause an outbreak of COVID-19.  Zachary Faria is an opinion columnist for the conservative Washington Examiner.  He took a look at COVID numbers in the Deep South.  The region is home to Southeast Conference Football.  The SEC is college ball’s most dominant conference and stadiums are filled weekly with football crazed screaming fans.  Empty seats are rare.  Nearly one month into the season there’s simply no proof these are “superspreader” events. 

students at Boise State University must show proof of vaccine if they would like to cheer for the Broncos at home

Despite warnings from the Biden Administration, students have responded with a vulgar cheer.  “**** Joe Biden” they chant and it echoes across fields (alcohol may be involved!)

Meanwhile, students at Boise State University must show proof of vaccine if they would like to cheer for the Broncos at home (and this club really needs all the help it can get!)  It appears the policy doesn’t apply to the remainder of the ticket buying public.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation is a political watchdog agency (some politicians may have a Biden style chant in response) and a writer at the IFF is tossing a flag.  Wayne Hoffman is the President of the organization.  He points out Republican leadership in the state is rightly angered by President Biden’s attempts to foist vaccine mandates on millions of Americans by fiat.  He then points out the incongruity when it comes to BSU.  Click here and you can see his comments.  The same leadership is silent when it comes to a state school creating similar rules.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn warned, “Live not by lies”.  We should also live not by fear.

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