When it comes to Idaho’s traditional values, the hits just keep on coming.  With liberals' efforts at recruiting children into alternative lifestyles temporarily curbed, the latest assault on your kids may occur in their classrooms.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation claims the state Department of Health and Welfare is adopting a program on sex education developed by Planned Parenthood.  The office told KBOI TV something equivalent to No we’re not!  So far, most of the state’s liberal media hasn’t reported the story.  If these outlets pass up an opportunity to hammer the Freedom Foundation, then maybe there’s at least a grain of truth to pornography in schools (we didn’t have this problem when I was young because the district couldn’t afford a pornograph for every classroom!)

The story was picked up by Laura Ingraham on Fox News Channel.  You can watch her segment by clicking here.

What continues to not shock me is the lack of any response from most elected Republicans.  Like the news media, most establishment Republicans never pass up an opportunity to bash the Freedom Foundation.  When it comes to drag shows, many sponsors of the events are also sponsors of Republican political campaigns.  When it comes to debauching kids at school, many Republicans take money from the education lobby (as do Democrats).

They probably also echo one newspaper wretch who this week claimed liberals won’t take jobs in Idaho if they can’t find any drag shows to participate in when away from work.  You’re telling me Democrats won’t move here?  That would be a crying shame!  If they stay away, then maybe the rest of us will finally get a grip on the cost of housing.

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