29-year-old Kyla Vaughn is maintaining her innocence as a judge has given her three to 10 years in prison for shaking a 4-month-old baby in her care causing brain damage back in 2017.

Vaughn pleaded guilty knowing that if she went to court maintaining her innocence she could likely get another 20 years tacked on to the sentence she's currently serving.

So here's what happened.  Vaughn was babysitting this little girl while her parents who are from Parma, Idaho went out for a date night.  When the parents came back, the little girl was vomiting.  Over the next few days, the condition of the baby girl continued until the parents took her into the doctor.  Doctors knew by her symptoms that she had been intentionally shaken to the point of brain damage.  Now I could go through all the little details of what took place over the next few days after that but I'm going to cut to the chase.  If you're interested in those details, check them out on The Idaho Statesman.

Bottom line is this.  The timeline matched up to the baby being shaken on that night when Vaughn was babysitting.  Vaughn's own child stated to investigators that she had shaken the baby.  And the BIGGIE was this... Vaughn had been googling “shaken baby syndrome” and “shaken baby syndrome criminal" right after babysitting the child.

Prosecutors believe that Vaughn is most likely a good mother to her four children but on that day, to that baby, she was a monster, and that family will have to live with the after effects for the rest of their lives.

Vaughn sobbed as the judge passed sentencing, maintaining that she never hurt this child and never did any of these things she was accused of.  She was immediately booked into the Canyon County Jail where she'll serve out her three to 10-year sentence.

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