Finding someone to watch your kid is often a struggle. Most parents wish they could be home with their kids to spend time with them and raise them their way. Unfortunately, most of us have to work and are unable to stay with them and have to find alternative options. Some are fortunate to have friends or family that can watch their kids, while other families have to rely on a babysitter, nanny, or daycare. It isn't always easy finding someone or a place to watch your child and can become overwhelming and frustrating at times. To make things more difficult, when you do find a place you and your child both like, there is sometimes a snag.

Many Daycares in Twin Falls Have Waiting Lists

Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández on Unsplash
Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández on Unsplash

One problem that parents seem to be running into around Twin Falls is that once they finally find a good daycare, there is a waiting list. It is hard enough to find a place and people you trust and are comfortable with to watch your kids, but then to find out you can't enroll there is heartbreaking. There are legal reasons why these places can't have too many kids, as well as there is a reason they are the ones with waiting lists. The ones that do not, are because they are the ones that people don't want their kids at.

Childcare in Twin Falls

Credit: Matiinu Ramadhan on Unsplash
Credit: Matiinu Ramadhan on Unsplash

Nannies and babysitters get expensive. The daycares without waiting lists are the ones that parents aren't comfortable going to. What is the solution to this problem? Does Twin Falls need more daycares? Finding someone to run and staff a daycare in 2024 is not easy. People are not applying for jobs, so there is no guarantee that a new daycare could be staffed, and what happens once the new one is full? Families have to get creative at times to make things work for childcare, but finding a solution to daycares being full has no easy solution. You can't kick kids out and you can't easily expand buildings, so the struggles for these families will remain for now.

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If you have a child and require childcare, be looking now. Between waitlists, interviews with individuals, and finding a place you trust, it is a long hard process. Do not wait until the last minute. Get on waiting lists as fast as you can if you enjoy one, and hope that a spot opens up sooner than later. The childcare market is tough, and it never gets easier. Good luck and take your child's care and safety to heart this year. 

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