For many years I heard from people who were sick of changing their clocks twice a year and, yet.  State legislators dragged their feet.  Honestly, it was because all the wrong people sponsored the bill.  If it’s popular but not sponsored by the establishment types, legislation will get kicked to the curb.  The website explains that eventually changed, however.  The site says we need congressional approval for the change.  What?  Do we need a note from the mother?

Keep in mind that Congress can’t conclude the matter.

There’s research aplenty that suggests the bi-yearly changes are bad for your health.  My best friend operates his family farm.  He’s never honored the changes.  As he puts it, his cows don’t know the difference.

One of the arguments against the change is that kids will be going to or from school in the dark for some months.  This might not be an issue if the state had one time zone.  In the south, we do a lot of business with Utah, which is why we aren’t in the Pacific Zone.  Of course, the health folks also say school should start much later in the day.  Good luck getting that past parents and teacher unions!

The coming change forward won’t impact many people who can sleep late on Sunday, but we’ll notice on Monday.  My alarm clock rings at 2:00 a.m.

I believe I speak for a lot of people when I say pick one or the other and then leave it alone.

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