Idaho doesn’t need to wait on the federal government to dump daylight saving time.  What complicates the matter here is that the state is split into two time zones.  The panhandle is Pacific Time and the south is Mountain Time.  It reminds me of the joke retired State Senator Jim Patrick told me a few years ago.  Idaho has three capitals.  Boise, Spokane, and Salt Lake City!  It’s funny because it may as well be true.  Much of the south and east do great business with Utah, while up north, Spokane is a hotbed of neighboring activity.

I came across a story from a TV station, where the writer breaks down where all 50 states stand.  A few don’t bother with fiddling with clocks twice a year.  I’m reminded that Idaho split the difference.  If Washington State drops Daylight Saving Time, then north Idaho (and for locals the word isn’t northern) can do the same.  The law acknowledges some cultural and economic differences in the state and I would call it wise legislation.

Another former state senator attempted to drop the idea statewide but ran into some strong opposition.  One reason is I believe many of her colleagues didn’t want to give her a victory.  The other argument is that a lot of people like the extra hour of sunshine in summer and early autumn.  Especially when potatoes and beets need harvesting.

Maybe we split the difference at the half-hour and then leave it that way for 12 months of the year.

Meanwhile, efforts continue in Congress to shelve DST once and for all.  Democrats and Republicans both claim to like the idea but nothing gets done.  Imagine that, in Washington, D.C.!

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