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Now, why didn’t I think of that?  CNET has a story about scientists who claim we’ll someday eat recycled wind turbine blades.  The same blades that slice through birds, get covered in bird poop, oil, dust, and a thick coating of grime.  Yum!

The writer explains that one byproduct could be gummy bears.  This is really what you want to feed your kids.  The scientists do say we’ll need to boil down the constituent parts in order to separate the ground glass from the gummies.  Otherwise, your children will be eviscerated from the inside out.

I’m reminded of the limousine liberals who suggest we can save the planet by eating insects.    Though, I would imagine the communist party elite have better choices.  In Japan, scientists are cleaning up poop and claim some remnants can be eaten.  Soylent Green is people!

I think the story about the recycled gummy bears is just a smokescreen.  The wind industry isn’t making many friends, and it needs to come up with something to excuse a big problem.  Candy is a stretch, that’s how serious a challenge the industry has.

Meanwhile, billionaire Bill Gates is buying up farmland with the goal of cutting off your taste for beef and dairy.  He recommends fungus as an alternative.  Check out the video below.  At about 6 and half minutes in, he finds a willing media dupe to help spread the message.  Watch Anderson Cooper struggle to avoid gagging on-air.

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