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Regarding wind power, the Sierra Club believes you need to pipe down.  The organization’s magazine is bemoaning opposition to turbines, even in states filled with fellow traveling, tree-hugging, and vegans.  It appears liberals approve of wind energy, as long as the generation doesn’t take place where they live.

There’s an old Sesame Street sketch where Ernie is eating cookies in bed.  Bert chews him out and tells him it’s messy and a bad habit.  Ernie gets out of bed, crosses the room, and commences eating cookies in Bert’s bed.

Does any of this sound familiar?  The liberals in Clark County, Nevada, and southern California want “renewable” energy, as long as it doesn’t harm their view.  They’ll excuse marring Idaho’s landscape by claiming the Snake River Plain is windier than where they live.  Or they’re of the impression nobody lives here.  Or that you owe them because you’re a beef-eating Trump Voter.

Mostly, they’ve already fouled their own nests with the fallout from a widening homeless crisis.  That’s not my concern!

Maybe the wind doesn’t blow as much in southern California, but it probably balances out when you consider how much electricity will be lost over hundreds of miles of wire.

Can we suggest California use cheap hydropower?  This would require a policy change.  The agencies that decided it was a good idea to flush spring runoff into the bays need a paradigm shift.  One that requires common sense.  Eventually, it gets restored when the rolling blackouts leave millions in the dark.

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