A man was caught on a home security camera attempting to break into a vehicle. The man was testing doors to see if they were locked and going up and down the street to multiple homes and vehicles. Do you know who this alleged munchy thief is?

There are also photos of the vehicle he was allegedly driving through the neighborhood. It was about 2 am when this photo was taken. The police have all the information as well so if you know who this person is you should give authorities a call.

There has been a lot of attempted break in lately and it is pretty scary. In broad daylight people are getting brave and trying to break into vehicles and homes. Make sure you keep your doors locked, don't keep anything valuable in your vehicle and be careful.


But seriously, what is he snacking on? I can't tell if they are Cheetos or what. The bag looks like it has an "ETS" on it, but I can't tell for sure. It almost looks like a Funyuns bag but that doesn't make sense either.

The alleged thief definitely had the munchies. If it was a Cheetos bag I am pretty sure there would be orange powder finger prints all over the door knobs. And there are so many questions here, why is the alleged thief going door to door at 2 am? Why is he carrying food with him? Why didn't he leave the bag of chips or whatever in his truck? Why does he look like he is a bit constipated? Maybe I don't want to know the answer to that last one.

Anyway, if you know anything about the alleged thief please contact authorities, they will also be conducting their own investigation.

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