They were young.  They were wolves.  They were wild.  There are wolf sightings in Twin Falls County.  Specifically in Murtaugh.  Idaho Fish and Game can’t confirm if people have actually seen wolves or perhaps just a very large dog or dogs.  There are photographs but these aren’t conclusive.  While there aren’t any resident packs, it’s always possible a wolf or a handful of wolves may transit the canyons.  It’s a geographic feature often used as a highway by wildlife.

While you may not always see the animals, they see you.

On the 17th, a guy out for a morning run in Kimberly came across a large paw print in the snow.  He shared a photograph with me via the Newsradio 1310 KLIX app.  It’s a good sized print but the rear pad doesn’t look like a mountain lion’s foot, although.  In the snow and with some melting, it could obscure some of the details.  The paw was roughly an inch from front to back.

I’ve seen just one wolf in the wild.  On a gravel road in the mountains outside of Sun Valley.  It took off running when it saw me.  Lions may not be quite so shy.

This morning, a guest on Magic Valley This Morning told me off-air he had heard the claims of a mountain lion wandering near Kimberly.  Recall, last winter one was spotted outside the Kimberly Post Office.

A wolf or wolves could leave behind scat but if the animals were simply passing through finding any droppings wouldn’t be easy.

We do live in close proximity to wildlife.  Even in cities and towns.  While you may not always see the animals, they see you.


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