A great many of my right-of-center friends in America are pleased with the stunning electoral victory by English Prime Minister David Cameron.  I say English and not British because his Conservative Party didn’t succeed in Scotland, where my mother’s ancestral home appears to be in thrall to Marxism.  In the more crowded English section of the British Union Mr. Cameron cleaned up and he promises to eliminate national debt in just three years.  He may well do it and it makes him a hero to conservatives in the United States.  I’ll also admit it proves a great many of his fellow countrymen see the benefit of keeping a lid on spending.  It’s also clear the Conservative victory caught English press lords completely by surprise as you can see here in one particularly odious publication.

Speaking of odious, there are some security practices in Great Britain a great many American conservatives and especially libertarians would find anathema.  The average Londoner appears on camera 3-thousand times a day.  The security state is absolutely Orwellian in nature.  It was established originally to battle Irish Republican Army terror, however.  Economic and cultural changes have made the IRA a moot point.  Why join revolutionary brigands when you can get work as an IT specialist and after 5 o’clock every afternoon eat in all the best restaurants?  The police state will remain in Britain because now the argument is it’s needed as protection against radical Islam.  You also understand radical Islam wouldn’t exist in much of a form in Great Britain’s crowded cities if the same government always warning of attacks hadn’t welcomed millions of potential terrorists as cheap labor and under the phony guise of humanitarianism.  If you read the story from this link carefully you’ll see the Cameron government has even more Big Brother in store for the constituency.

The most rightward-leaning of Britain’s major political parties, the United Kingdom Independence Party, appears to have picked up roughly one in 5 votes cast but will only have a couple of seats of the more than 600 available in the House of Commons.  UKIP as the rightward party is known for short wouldn’t necessarily dismantle the security apparatus.  It promised to extract the country from the wheezing European Union and restore economic and some political sovereignty.  Otherwise I didn’t see much in what I read about UKIP of any notions of personal liberty for the British people.  In my reading of the last couple of weeks I was reminded that even Churchill helped birth the British system of socialized medicine.  While he feared the people would get restless if the government couldn’t deliver on medical promises he was more than willing to relieve industry of providing health insurance.  A European conservative isn’t an American conservative.  A great many socialist schemes are so wholly embedded in Europe none of the political parties any longer oppose big government.

How will the UK deal with future troubles? Courtesy, KLIX Library
How will the UK deal with future troubles? Courtesy, KLIX Library

And when British troops are hacked to death in the streets by would be Islamic State heroes it proves the surveillance state is a costly and bumbling failure.  It only allows government to play the role of tough-on-crime, unless.  The day comes when the millions of potential terrorists all rise at once and then the country can be locked down like a giant island prison.  No, this American righty won’t be sending a congratulatory note to 10 Downing Street.

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