Like President Trump, Sean Connery was an avid golfer.  His choice of homes was usually based on having a large number of courses to play nearby.  Connery was a guy often described as being an alpha male.  Same with Trump.  The President’s supporters view him as macho.  Connery may have been the most macho performer in the history of motion pictures.

Both men had mixed ancestries.

When Connery was knighted, he wore the colors of Clan MacLeod.

Connery’s last name was Irish.  From a recent ancestor who married into a Scottish family.  Trump’s mother was an immigrant from Scotland and married a man of generally German ancestry.  The actor was very much a Scotsman and Scottish patriot.  It almost cost him a knighthood.

President Trump owns property in Scotland and enjoys spending time there.

When Connery was knighted, he wore the colors of Clan MacLeod.

Mary Ann MacLeod married Fred Trump after arriving in the United States.  The MacLeod’s have a proud and also colorful history.  Last week I watched a documentary about Scottish legends.  One of which says there is a mysterious cloth at Dunvegan Castle, seat of the Chief of Clan MacLeod.  The legend says the cloth promises three miracles.  Two of which are said to have already occurred.

Would a Trump victory be the third?

I should note there are two branches of Clan Macleod.  I’m not implying Sean Connery and Donald Trump were related by blood.  Membership in a clan isn’t always based on genetic ties.  Hundreds of years ago families often banded together for common defense and common profit.  While there was intermarriage and many blood ties, the clan is a larger entity.

I’ve got Gordon ancestry on one side of my family.  The leader of Clan Grant in North America was my neighbor in the late 1990s.  He used to tell me the Gordons weren’t a clan but a “department”.  That appears to have changed.  My sister recently attended a Scottish Festival and the Gordons there told her otherwise.  It may still be up for debate.

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