The wording could be clearer.  The Idaho Republican Party passed a platform resolution in opposition to the Governor’s Launch program.  Which is viewed by many Republicans as a means to reward his political backers with tax dollars, but disguised as a scholarship program.  It’s a legitimate grievance, however.  The wording is such that it can be viewed as an objection to funding all higher education.

Knowing that mainstream media has an ax to grind with anything Republican, newsrooms were quick to accuse the GOP of being against the state university system.  I wish the language had been more precise.  This is an unforced error and given the dogs in newsrooms an opportunity to portray the party as mean.

Conservatives and Republicans need to be especially vigilant.  Not only are the liberals in opposition, but the Democrat’s auxiliaries in newsrooms make this a two-front war.

Now, if you don’t believe the founders intended for the government to fund adult education, that’s another matter.  Public schooling was created essentially to ensure we had a literate population.  One that had the skill to make intelligent choices on Election Day.  But even during colonial times, there were efforts to establish institutes of higher education.  The founders knew we needed lawyers, preachers, and teachers.  The public will probably still overwhelmingly support the goal.

What it doesn’t support is Marxist indoctrination mills that exclude other ideas.  Now that’s an argument worth having, and there have been legislative voices amplifying the discussion.  But it’s a separate matter and needs to be discussed separately.

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