As wildfires go, I suppose it’s about average when it comes to cost.  As of Monday night, the cost of fighting the Badger Fire in the South Hills is 5 and a half million dollars.  The total included the aerial tankers we saw loading up at Murtaugh Lake.  The planes were making round trip after round trip to the lake, scooping up water, and then dropping the load on hot spots.

While 5.5 million dollars would be a lot in my bank account, it doesn’t shock me when you consider the resources that were brought against the burn.  It looked textbook.  I observed the planes and the helicopter for several hours over the weekend and you could tell this wasn’t their first rodeo.

The losses we could’ve incurred were much, much larger.

Compare the cost benefit here.  The losses we could’ve incurred were much, much larger.

As of Tuesday morning, containment of the fire was just under 50 percent.  In less than three days it went from zero to half.

Last week, Governor Brad Little pointed out the fire season was below average statewide.  With the arrival of fall, we could expect some rain as the seasons change.  Rain without lightning.  Overall, when you consider what some of our neighboring states have endured, we could exhale and count our blessings.

I did ask a Twin Falls County Commissioner if we yet had a total on overtime costs.  Deputies played a key role in two counties in support.  Helping with evacuations and manning roadblocks.  That figure should be available soon and it doesn’t appear to be a budget buster.

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